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March 23, 2007


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David Tebbutt

Thank you for doing that Tony. I've checked it in Firefox and Internet Explorer 6. It's fine in both.

Tony Hirst

FYI, I have tweaked the Stringle usability issue referred to above, in Firefox at least, the correct tab should grab the focus when you click on a link; I don't have access to any other browsers to know whether the fix is cross-browser compatible...

Tony Hirst


Usability in Stringle (such is the name of the environment: http://ouseful.open.ac.uk/stringle) is still lacking but improvements are planned when I get a chance!

As well as the GrazrStudio, you can see other stringle configurations at http://ouseful.open.ac.uk/stringle/stringleProfileSelect.php

Most of them are placeholders at the moment, though...

The closest thing to a userguide that exists so far is here: http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/2007/02/stringle_almost.html

David Tebbutt

Hi Tony. Good to hear from you. Went to your workspace and was a bit mystified - kept clicking on the menu items at the top of the screen and wondered why nothing happened.

I expressed my bafflement to David Terrar and he suggested I click on the 'tools' tab and all would become clear.

And he was right.

Thank you for a very interesting resource.

Tony Hirst

I've started developing a workspace for people interested in getting to grips with grazr:


I also blog regularly about (geeky stuff!) relating to grazr: http://ouseful.info


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