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July 15, 2006


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Neville Hobson

Here are mine, David -

1. WordPress (server platform) plus loads of plugins
2. FeedDemon and NewsGator (both synchronize)
3. Skype
4. Statcounter and Mint (use both equally)
5. Netvibes

That's only five, though. I have a very long list...


Hi JP. Good to hear from you. Have you seen the LibraryThingThing FireFox extension mashup written by Richard Wallis from Talis? I blogged about it at IWR on 12 July.

Hey!! It's vanished. Good Lord, must have been the day TypePad collapsed...

...Right, sorted it out.

It takes LibraryThing further. Gets you as close to a holdings record as possible. Early days but looking promising.


My five:

1. Netvibes
2. Technorati
3. Wordpress

That's it. Don't use an editor beyond WordPress. Not settled on an RSS aggregator yet. Don't really want that aggregator to get into my e-mail, everything I do is to reduce e-mail. Looking at different things in this space.

Use, but can live without, last.fm, LibaryThing, Clustermaps.

If you have to have 5 then it would be last.fm and Clustermaps.


Okay Nicholas, sorry to disappoint you there. I haven't moved over to Feeds 2.0 full time yet.

Feeds 2.0 is a brainy aggregator that watches your actions and sequences your RSS feeds according to your preferences. It is truly smart, and getting better all the time. You can even take an RSS feed from each of its sequenced feeds.

There's more. Go look.

I also blogged about it in the Information World Review blog

(Disclosure: Feeds 2.0 was one of the companies I mentored during Innovate!Europe this year. For me, it was a pro bono exercise - expenses and conference entry paid. It was terrific fun and the team are a group of the nicest people I have ever met.)

Nicholas Ampazis

> "1) Newsgator, without question, is my main hangout."


"even you, Brutus?"

Hehehe, ... just kidding!



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