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April 23, 2006


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There have been a few comments recently about the PR blogosphere being rather small and disappointingly inward-looking, and some academic criticism of the true nature of blog 'conversations.' It is interesting, therefore, to see UK Minister of Communit... [Read More]

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Just before the local elections this very interesting piece of research was published by Globespan on behalf of the BBC (PDF download). It revealed that more people trust the government in Britain than they do the media. Most of the [Read More]


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Dennis Howlett

What is 'truth' other than an individual's interpretation of perceived reality?

Neville Hobson

Hardly a rallying cry, David. More a muse. And a cynical one at that.

Good rant!

This all gets to the heart of social media and the changes it is bringing to these two professions (among other things). Take a look at the series of articles in The Economist which has a terrific survey of new media in the coming week's edition.

Maybe it is to do with different middlemen as you say. What will that do to truth-telling? Another 64K question.

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